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Welcome to Magnolia Immigration Law, a comprehensive immigration law office. We assist clients in successfully navigating the impersonal and complex process of the U.S. immigration system.

Immigration is our passion. We’re dedicated exclusively to the practice of this one area of law. Our years of experience mean that our attorneys provide knowledgeable legal service to our clients

Alice and Courtney, our expert Immigration team

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We provide both virtual and phone consultations. We ensure that our firm is best able to provide the type of immigration advice you need.

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We will provide constant communication between all parties. We also ensure cases are properly prepared and timely filed.

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Our firm used the latest technoligy, so that your case is handled in a secure and efficient manner.

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We will walk you through the steps of your process and ensure that each one is completed in a timely manner.

Practice Areas

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling immigration cases. Learn more about our practice areas 

Business Immigration
Family Immigration
Citizenship (Immigration)
Visa Extensions (Immigration)
Green Card
Visas (Immigration)
Non-Immigrant Visa
Immigration Visa Extension

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Courtney Rineer

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Immigration Attorneys Alice and Courtney

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Immigration Lawyer Alice Burgos

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